Create a welcoming guest bedroom | 9 simple tips

1. Make the space multifunctional

Your spare bedroom doesn’t have to be solely reserved for guests. Make it a versatile room that serves multiple purposes. Consider a comfortable sofa bed and a spacious desk to effortlessly switch between guest accommodations and home office functionality. Investing in a high-quality sofa bed ensures your guests’ comfort and convenience, while a neutral colour scheme ensures the room works well for both roles. For uniquely shaped rooms, an interior designer’s creative solutions can unlock hidden potential.

9 tips to creating a welcoming guest bedroom

2. Include a spot for guest luggage

Offer your guests a touch of luxury by providing a designated space to unpack. A well-organised wardrobe, storage ottoman, or a gas lift bed base in smaller rooms ensures ample space for luggage storage. A bench seat can be a simple yet effective addition, providing a convenient spot for guests to rest their suitcases and feel at ease.

3. Add personalised touches in the guest bedroom

Enhance your guests’ stay by adding thoughtful touches. Stock up on extra toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and toothbrushes, neatly presented in a charming basket. Roll up fresh bath towels at the foot of the bed for a hotel-like experience. Consider providing slippers, a robe, or chocolates for an extra touch of hospitality. It’s the little details that make your guests feel truly welcome.

9 tips to creating a welcoming guest bedroom

4. Include a comfy chair in the room

A comfortable armchair can elevate your guest room’s comfort and style. If space allows, add a cosy spot for relaxation, reading, or work. A well-chosen armchair, such as the Kennedy from Globe West, can be the perfect blend of luxury and practicality, complementing your room’s aesthetic while offering guests a private sanctuary.

9 tips to creating a welcoming guest bedroom

5. Make sure the room is always thoroughly cleaned

Prioritise cleanliness to ensure your guests have a comfortable and hygienic stay. Regularly dust, vacuum, and clean all surfaces, including inside drawers and under the bed. Fresh and clean bed sheets, high-quality pillows, and top sheets, if preferred, ensure a restful night’s sleep.

6. Ensuring the space has a comfortable temperature for your guests

Cater to your guests’ comfort by providing temperature options. Consider a freestanding fan for warmer months or a heated blanket for cooler nights. Extra blankets in the cupboard offer flexibility, ensuring your guests are always cosy.

7. Make sure your guests have access to light & a powerpoint

A bedside lamp is a small yet essential detail for your guests’ convenience. It allows them to read or relax in bed without leaving the warmth of their covers. Ensure easy access to a power outlet near the bed for charging devices, setting alarms, or nighttime convenience.

8. Styling to suit!

Create a welcoming atmosphere with a neutral colour palette, mixing various textures in throw cushions and adding a cosy throw rug. Avoid overly specific or gender-focused decor, opting for versatile styling that suits any guest. A full-length mirror is a thoughtful addition to help guests get ready for the day.

9. Bring in something fresh

Enhance your guest room’s ambience with fresh flowers, a simple yet impactful touch that shows your effort in making their stay enjoyable. If fresh flowers aren’t practical, dried arrangements or greenery can add a natural and inviting touch to the space.

By following these nine tips, you’ll transform your guest bedroom into a warm and inviting sanctuary, ensuring that every guest feels right at home.

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