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Your question might be answered in my frequently asked questions below. If you have another question please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to help.

How do I prepare for a design consultation?

To ensure a productive design consultation, I recommend to follow these key steps. First, create a wish list and prioritise your needs. Understand your budget so you can communicate this effectively. Consider your timeframe and when you might want your project to be completed. Explore your style preferences by collecting design images from Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines. If possible, involve all decision-makers in the consultation. Prepare any questions you may have for me and, most importantly, keep an open mind to embrace fresh perspectives and professional advice throughout the process.

What's the difference between design and decorating?

Navigating these distinctions can sometimes cause confusion. If you’re undertaking construction, renovation, or incorporating bespoke joinery, my comprehensive interior design service is tailored to meet your needs. If your focus is on furnishing and styling without the need for design or structural modifications, my furniture and styling service is the ideal solution for your project.

What are the benefits of working with a designer?

Interior designers will save you a lot of time and bring invaluable benefits to your project Such as:

– Offering a professionally trained eye for crafting your dream space.

– I save you time by handling extensive research and providing access to exclusive wholesale and trade-only suppliers.

– Help you prevent costly mistakes and alleviate the stress of designing a home.

– Ensuring you and your partner’s vision for your home aligns. It is very common to have disagreements when it comes this, but it’s my job to bring a third party perspective, ensuring we get the right result for your home. 

How do I choose the right designer for me?

Finding the ideal designer often comes with a gut feeling. When looking at a designer’s website and connecting with their content, and when their style seamlessly aligns with your design aspirations, it’s a promising sign that you may have found the perfect match. Make sure to look at their testimonials and Google reviews to gain insights into their reputation. Explore their social media presence to ensure you resonate with their overall aesthetic. Trust your instincts, and when everything aligns, you’re likely on the right path to selecting the perfect designer for your project.

Can designers get better rates than retail stores?

Absolutely! In our role as designers, we secure better rates on furniture, decor, art, and soft furnishings that surpass what you can access independently. By working with me, you’re gaining access to an extensive network of suppliers exclusive to industry professionals. Savings can be anywhere from 10-40% off the suggested retail prices, a significant advantage that often offsets my service fees.

How quickly can you design or decorate my home?

The timeline to complete your project will depend on many factors such as the size and complexity of your project as well as your specific needs and preferences. During our initial consultation we will ensure we’re aligned on your timeframe.

Can you mix retail and trade only pieces?

I sure can!

In fact, this is usually my preference. I avoid confining your project to exclusively trade-only or retail products. This flexibility allows me the freedom to source the ideal pieces for your space without limitations to wholesale suppliers. My primary objective in sourcing is not only to select the perfect items for your home but also to secure the best possible price for you.

For any retail items, you’ll be provided with all of the details so you can go and purchase them yourself. For any items sourced through one of my suppliers, I will provide the invoice directly so you can mantain a direct relationship for any future warranties too.

Can you work with different ranges of budgets?

Certainly! I work with all different kinds of budgets. Leveraging an extensive network of suppliers, I’m able to access products at all different price points. To streamline the budgeting process, I provide a budget spreadsheet tool for you to complete. This just enhances transparency in the financial planning of your project and ensures we’re on the same page.

Can I work on one room at a time?

Of course. Sometimes when you have a bigger project on your hands it can be a bit overwhelming. I often have clients who start off hiring me for one or two spaces first, such as their main living room. Once this is completed we can move onto any other spaces in your home. This will of course ensure consistency throughout too.

What is the process when working with you?


The first step is for you to show me your home. During this session, we collaboratively craft your design brief, delve into project needs and requirements, and discuss style and budget.


Following your consult, I provide you with a scope of work. This detailed quote covers all aspects of your project and gives you a sneak peak of the excitement to come. Once you’re happy with the scope of work, we will lock in your project commencement date and get started.


This is the most exciting step (in my opinion). Time to delve deeper into the design, honing specific product selections, finalising material finishes, refining spatial planning, crafting detailed furniture layouts, conceptualising joinery designs, and making thoughtful lighting selections to bring your vision to life.


Time to confirm our final selections for your space. This includes documenting every element, from rugs and art to homewares, furniture, lighting and soft furnishings. If we’ve designed any design/joinery, we will also get this prepared to share with any relevant trades.


I handle the ordering process for all chosen items and coordinate convenient deliveries between yourelf and the supplier. My goal here is to ensure a smooth transition from concept to reality.

I have some pieces already, can you just help me finish my home?

Yes! I enjoy helping clients in complementing their existing decor with carefully curated additions. Whether you’ve spent years collecting treasures or you’ve attempted your project yourself first, it’s my job to come in and help you refine it. If your vision clashes with the current elements in your home, I will provide honest advice on what stays and what should go. 

What happens if I don't like everything in your design presentation?

Honestly, it’s expected you won’t absolutely love every single detail the first time around. This is why I offer two revisions to ensure we get it absolutely perfect. I highly encourage open and honest communication during the design proposal phase to prevent any dissatisfaction. In our initial consultation, I gather comprehensive information about your preferences to tailor the design accordingly.

Product sourcing is the most time consuming step. It involves considering your budget, item quality, design, material, longevity, and even the item’s location. Each selection is thoughtfully chosen and planned for your home, ensuring every element serves a purpose.