You won’t find a one-size-fits-all solution here.

Instead, you’ll find a flexible and affordable interior design service designed with you in mind.

Why is this my approach?

Because something I’ve learnt is no two interior design projects are ever the same.
Your project is like a fingerprint, entirely one-of-a-kind.

Are you revamping your entire home from top to bottom?
Or perhaps you’re wanting to add a touch of magic to a specific corner?
Here, you’ll find a service to suit.

Let’s start crafting your unique story together, one design element at a time.

In the design world, Even the smallest mistakes can prove to be more than just bothersome – they are costly. By steering clear of mistakes, we’re saying goodbye to any unnecessary stress.

And getting it right the first time.

Designing your home should be a pleasure, not a burden. Together, so let’s breathe life into your dream space.


So many colours, shapes, patterns, and textures – It’s overwhelming trying to keep up.
Countless showroom visits, trying to recall where you found that amazing piece can be a challenge.
And those sales consultants. Their techniques are impressive. But sometimes they pressure you to make quick decisions.
I’m here, right by your side, waving away those doubts.


This is your affordable interior design service.
My E-Decorating service offers convenience and accessibility. No matter where you are in Australia.

It’s a collaborative process and a budget-friendly option if you’re happy to do a bit of the groundwork yourself.

If you’re seeking furnishing and decor only, this option will suit you perfectly.